It’s okay to be not okay everytime

It’s okay to crave me,
as I craved you countless times.
It’s okay to feel me,
as I experienced you so profoundly in pain.
It’s okay to kiss my lips on our faded photographs,
as I still draw your name in the steam on my mirror.
It’s okay to brush the teeth from my old brush,
which I left in your closet,
just like you.
It’s okay to drink my favorite white wine,
as I drank poison merrily and unhesitatingly.
It’s okay to burn yourself over me,
as I burned my house down over you.
It’s okay to sit around the kitchen table and feel alone,
just like my heart does for you.
It’s okay to try to erase me out,
but oh!darling, how you’ll erase those,
constellations which I drew by my tongue on your lips,
how you’ll erase those nights,
in which you forgot your name ,
how you’ll erase my scent,
from your soul.
how you’ll feed your wild beast,
without my rough bites.
It isn’t okay, darling,
It isn’t okay,
But It is totally okay to be not okay.


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