Time comes when words lose their impact and silence is on its way to talk. Distance is all which  shares bed at night with disturbance in mind. Mind keeps on presenting excuses why silence should handle the things out. Heartache becomes an everyday business to administer. Day after day, people get used to this. Complaints and fights becomes everyday jobs and tasks to do. Egos and pain, indecision and uncertainty, doubts and insecurities play their roles in the lives as heroes and heroines. But now time has come to move out of the hell, out of the mess.
It’s time to hold each other’s hand again, it’s time to kiss each other’s lips all over again as you guys did on your very first date, it’s time to reconstruct broken hearts and promises, it’s time to fight with shit has taken place between you guys, it’s time stand up, it’s time to go back to the home together, it’s time to cherish the old faded memories all again,it’s time to fall in love with each other all over again.


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