Find me in the dark, I’ll meet you there

Happiness in her life was always been for a shorter span of time. Where as darkness was the reason behind every breath of her life. Darkness was like a light to her madness and brokenness. People pushed her away ’cause they feared that she might drive them insane. One day, she decided not to coexist with hypocrisy, dishonesty and cheap praise. She disliked the lack of loyalty and betrayal. After so many breakdowns she taught her heart that some things and some people aren’t meant to last for long. The thing that she fought for wasn’t worth the cost and not everything she ever lost was bound to be her loss. She witnessed her destruction like a tale. She saw nothing in her journey, but darkness which was the foremost to her life. She knew from the beginning that things will never end up in her favour may be that’s why her head was always been in a war with her heart. She used music of her tear drops when words failed her.Someday, she reached to a point where she stopped being sad and angry. She stopped being killing herself and started loving and craving herself just like earlier . All ’cause of darkness which been a great teacher to her. The lessons that darkness taught to her were like diamonds to her life which she wore them like a queen.

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