People say too much of everything isn’t good, I say too much of everything is what, insanity rolls on, too much of everything is what, a genius is made up of, ‘too much’ is merely a beautiful articulation of universe hiding a magic land where lovers and stoners are found, loving their addictions profoundly..

One of the hardest lessons of life is “letting go” which I never learned. I’m still addicted to you, to those  endless nights when wine was more on us clothes than in the glass, when your words seized my lusty lips heavenly, when my heart was in the pursuit of exhilaration, and soul on soul was the porn which played all night,when your poetry was stroking my words to get dissolve in it, when your soul was cupping my desires, and my anatomy refused to smell any other scent expects yours. That night articulated many sentences and intercourse was the common word among them all.