Please hold me, I’m drowning in the ocean of my own tears,

The tsunami has destroyed my mystic world,

Which was the only home for lovers stoners and loners,

Where whites and blacks were the same,

Where nobody was judged, nobody was criticised,

And nobody was told to leave his soul addiction,

Where light was used to fill the cracks and heal the bruises,

Where hands in hands made so many sceneries,

Where teardrops weren’t more than beautiful diamonds,

Where you were always there to satisfy my desire and cravings,

Where I gave birth to your tot, a piece of your soul,

Where you drank wine from my lips every night,

Where we took vows, and walked miles barefoot,

Holding hand in hand,

.. where’s that land?

Why I got abandoned?

Why you left me with your stories and your smell on me?

Why lord? 

why you called him?

And made me a homeless.