Is this you?

Looking for positivity in darkness, collecting shattered pieces of old memories when room wasn’t dark, a ray of hope was enough to spark the scopes. when you’re allowed to howl without any fear, any queer. Didn’t anybody tell you end always has a new beginning, and a new end. Life’s like a loop hitting some positive repetitions and some negative. It’s always about you how to blend in, how you discover courage to deal with the surroundings. I know you’ve been stabbed by your people numerous times, your eyes have visualised many deaths of yourself. Believe me, you’re a flawless projection of your imperfections, a paradise of wild unaltered thoughts and fantasies. It’s just an assessment that life is coducting, you can’t give up .You have to be documentary picturising a warrior in the most fiercest way burning all the hurdles and odds that comes in her way.

You’re an ace of diamond, I feel. It’s your charge to manifest the deepest depths of a sea. You’re a savage holding sword in the hands. C’mon get up darling, it’s time to rescue yourself from the darkness and fill hopes in this old carcass. The end hasn’t come, it’s you who will decide when to bring the end and begin again in a beautiful way. Remember, you’re no less than a beast, an evidence of beauty with brains, and a survivor of the wreck.

The fight hasn’t over , it’s just begun. You’re a cavalry itself that’s needed . Happiness is knocking on the door, girl. Oh! C’mon welcome the wild exuberance. Let’s ding dong with darkness. It’s time to hold the hands of happiness and say goodbye to the darkness, sorrows, and the past. Fill the abyss of your heart with joy , make memories, fall in love, celebrate your very owned victory. You’re a miracle kissing darkness like forgiveness and darkness holding you like you’re the hope. I know you aren’t afraid of your scars but why are you afraid of your dreams? It’s only you who can make them come true. You ain’t less than a hurricane, a fucking storm. The world has seen your moods, broken times. Now  showcase your dedication, efforts and endurance. C’mon set up some unachievable standards, become a role model and serves who are still fighting this ugly phase of their lives.