How does it feel when millions of memories hitting cords of one’s heart trying to produce a unique soul-stirring music.

Some impressions in my mind are ugly, hot-blooded, and some are just dramatic like you. There’s a corner of my heart, which is still void and dark looking for you to illuminate those naked unsheathed feelings and impressions fabricated by you. I don’t ask much of this life, except you and your wholehearted love which still accompanies every breath I inspire. I don’t know where all this will take me, but where ever I’ll go I want you to lead my journey. Do you know life without you isn’t that short, it’s lifeless, I see myself in the midst of an ocean, finding directions to move in, hopeless and downhearted possessing no courage to cross this ocean and reach that illusory shore. I’ve kept your all impressions, glance and  kisses like a souvenir of great love.

Your scent is something my anatomy is obsessed about, my heart still brackets you with me, I constantly ask my brain why he’s always hushed by my heart. I haven’t forgotten your first ‘hey’ neither yours ‘goodbye’, yet I wish to dig into the past which wasn’t painful as my present is. Every morning I wake up I see ashes over my pillow. There is no night where my heart doesn’t howl, my body doesn’t desire the firestorm and bones doesn’t craves your spark  which is very enough to torch my unending thirst. Sometimes I feel my desires and fantasies are still colored in your blood in an artful way, but then I saw broken pieces of my own heart fading my hopes and pipe dreams.

I’m so sorry. I can’t inscribe any longer, my so-called wound which I call heart has started bleeding all again. I can’t describe how I died in his love and how he grew in my pain.

A sore end.

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