Dead words 

Are you there? 

If you’re, then I’ve a message for you.

I’m not dead yet. I know it won’t cause you a surprise but it should cause you. ‘Cause the damage you’ve caused to my anatomy is irreparable. My mom is finally happy as I’ve blessed myself with peace. It’s very difficult to make her understand how many times her daughter has died to attain this stage. Whenever I see a full moon, showering his moonlight over me I feel you lying on me relishing my virginity, licking the blood, groping the bruised muscles, kissing my genital. It doesn’t cause me a twinge when I see you with some other girl ’cause I know, you will always find me in your filthy wild impressions. There is no escape I’ve actually accepted so I don’t hurt myself in any way. I don’t even miss you baby. I miss my old self, and old us. 

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