Upright Immoralities 

Understanding the notion of life is exhausting as well peculiar. It’s more like a changing weather which is so uncertain. Sometimes there is no sunlight or moonlight to pilot us to our fancy and reckless destinations. Desires and fantasies drift between virtuous starts and immoral ends. The time comes when cigarettes and beers stop paralysing our minds. 

Binding morals and principles together make all of us uprights in good-eyes of a sick society. Why we forget ‘WE MAKE SOCIETY’ it’s our business to bring tranquility and change together. We get busy passing the days and forget the living. Heaps of dosh matters, than having bread without an alarm. 

How poor we become. Money can buy us comfort, luxury, status, but it can’t buy us peace and tranquility. Which we acquire from minor real events of life. Feeding a hungry stray dog, walking barefoot under a rainbow sun, feeding beggars, sipping coffee in lawn and so forth. Life isn’t only about living, it’s about living happily and merrily! 

Just do whatever it takes to be yourself. Listen what inner self has to say. Follow your dreams and passion. Drop the fake overcoats and start exposing your real self. 

Live, Laugh and read memes everyday! 😛 

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