what am I feeling? Rape. Brutality. Bluff.


Fear. Insecurities. Unsafe. Uneasiness. Worries. Distress, Angst. Depression, Dejection. Apprehensions.

Mixed feels are making my noodle sick. Panic attacks are choking off the solidity and confidence that I had prior to some anonymous split seconds. Thoughts are unlit, murky and treacherous. So, my senses have become paralysed. Nothingness is breaking out into somethingness which is vicious to the world that I own. I feel like quitting this life, but then something hits my mind and I stop there. I fear this Hippocratic world which has become significantly rich in cruelty, sadism, wickedness. We got peacemakers as well as potential braggers, debaters, big mouths with distinct designations wearing  overcoats of diverse sinful colors. Some of them have raped the country in a beauteous ways and some are looking for the same to do so.

I have stopped reading newspapers now. Few days back I read, six months old baby got raped with such brutality that made my inner self died numerous times. Millions of People are homeless, domestic violence is breaking out the records, each day millions of women across the world are facing severe physical and sexual assaults whether in homes, offices, or on the streets. Homeless shelters are occupied by the huge number of old ages, streets are loaded with vagrants irrespective of gender, cast, color. Politicians aren’t the real suckers, greed, itch of success with no hard work, fame, real money in less time are some actual grounds.

I remember,

when hands were comforting,

before they started going up in t-shirts for grouping,

I remember,

when the tongue was used for tasting,

before started smacking the faultless genitals,

I remember,

when hugs were sole to the warmth,

before they turned into dirty sex,


this world turned into beautiful brutality.


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