Can we take a moment ? Curves of dissolution.

I’m 21 years old, concept of affinity (marriage) seems blurred in my eyes. Before writing this article, I googled hundred of times what takes a tie-up to be an idol shot. Sadly, couldn’t find anything concerning veridical league.

If some are painting lifestyles, others are spinning vows. However no one is conjuring eternal ardour of love.

Fictitious, ideal made-ups have occupied the internet. By ancient reckonings, marriage is an indestructible, eternal oath enfolded by glorious vows. Isn’t this astonishing? Each religion on the soil got certain ways to carry out espousals. Commons are dreams , faith, devotion, pledges, commitments, & love. Holding hand in hand, kissing eternities, heavenly intimacies, and so forth. Wedding is no less than a faith walk. Comprehending each others expectations, wants, mutual respect for one another and so on.

Here and now, I’m afraid, extremely afraid, what makes this cosmic alliance scatters? Dissolution, is a term that is generally used in place of divorce. Tho, it’s out of my range to even try to reach out its actuality in divorced people lives. I’ve just stepped in adulthood, few years ago. I can only put break-ups into words, how they’ve felt. But end, is still common, right?  We all should never forget, the end is a time of change, which is hard at first, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. Why we forget, we are humans and life is a journey. We all are travelling with different paces and speeds to taste beauteous destinations.

It’s all right to fall in love, but it isn’t all right to stop, simply cause of a hit by a hard time . Life knocks us many times, but our learning  preaches never giving a damn to the shit. Marriage, is undeniably beautiful yet break-ups, dissolution aren’t ugly as they seems. Well, they serves us wise learning.

Once a wise man said, Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

You almost induced me,

in your absence, that

I would be a filthy mess.

I laid promising vermilion on my head,

for decades.

in a hope you’ll slip some day,

into my abyss.

with never any want to come up,

for fuck, and gore.

I loved you in flavors,

that made my darkness lit up with impish glee.

but then,

a night taught me,

you were like a promise,

never stained in promising paints.



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