Address Yourself

We all know about notions of the life but few of us are willing to understand them. The way our fingers aren’t of the same length, the same way our lives aren’t of the same dimensions. Turmoil, Yes I was in turmoil or still I’m in. ‘Hope’, I don’t understand it nor I try nowadays. I’ve seen people drowning because of it, I’ve seen myself failing for a reason that I believed in it, faith is another deceiving trick which life plays with us. What makes us going is the question?

I surmise, it’s our ‘will, the will’, will of living life at it’s best, will of never letting our pride down, will of never disappointing our inner self, will of never giving up, yes this is life this is you, yes you who is reading this blog in a hope to find something good to read. You, yourself is one who needs to be explored. You yourself is the answer of the questions looking for. You’re the person who needs to be addressed anew, You don’t need anyone’s acknowledgement to render positivity and motivation to yourself. You’re great in your own way, in a way which is so unique from and to others. I don’t know about faith or hope, but I know about ‘trust’, it’s something capable of uplifting one. You just need to develop trust in yourself. We all have some sort of ups and downs but that’s totally okay! downs are meant to be there to make us understand about ourselves, in ways which we never try to explore. We all have some fears, demons, terror, angst but this doesn’t deprive us of living a healthy life. We commit mistakes, some of them are impossible to be rolled back but does this mean one should take the rights of living again. No, Mistakes are meant to teach us the chapters which our parents, families don’t teach us. Shame, is filth. You should not be shameful about what you’ve done until and unless it’s done on purpose. This is beautiful journey and you must live it, merrily and happily.

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