Arrogant genital of escorts, which aren’t women, sadly.


are born to sacrifice,

their hair, lives, wants, dreams, desires, skin, blood, loves, sweat,

and their so obvious free genitals,

Each slice of the women’s anatomy has a cost,

can be even pint-sized as good,

their agony has a verdict on arrogance,

anger is deemed egotism,

boldness is perceived as haughtiness,

visible cleavage, a sign of call for a night,

well-built ass needs to be ridden as fuck,

each chunk of the bosom is traded,

and teats are bloody dead cherries,

which are so eager to be sucked.

Heart, was never there in the picture,

it wasn’t ever.

It died long-ago, when she got raped by anonymous men,

offering her soreness, abuse, torment, miseries.

Love,union, gaiety, respect have been deceased,

when she laid underneath of an unknown man.

once, twice, thrice, for little money,

little? can be for others.

Surely, not for her hidden strains and difficulties.

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