Swelled Eyes 


I’ve never witnessed bleeding eyes, but I did today, 

This ominous red is betraying those promises that I made with myself ,

I never thought I would fall this hard, I see abrasions, bruises and grief administering my timid soul,

Each string of my heart is broken and bruised mother, I can’t behold beauty in these countless deaths slumbering on this peaceful deathbed, 

Thou, I’m assuaged, at least I can howl here, amongst them,

No one will judge my hidden fears, buried hesitations, and sickening smiles,


Do you know, you’ve given birth to an acute mess,

I hate you, I fucking hate you, May be it has its own beauty but it made me die every night I dreamt peace.

Are you listening? Answer me? 

I’m dying, save me, I beg you mother, 

Hold my hand wrest me from this horrific terror,




.. …

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